At Brooklyn Kinks, we handcraft 100% Natural Hair Care
Products Made Locally in Brooklyn, NY

Restore your kinks the Brooklyn way with our Natural Blend Avocado Hair Mask!

Natural Blend Avocado Hair Mask

We're taking wash day to a new level! Revitalize your kinks with our protein packed Natural Blend Hair Mask! 

Hibiscus Hair Serum

Our Hibiscus Hair Serum contains a blend of light oils and butters that nourish our scalp when needed. Hibiscus offers numerous benefits while balancing the pH balance of the scalp, preventing split ends, and premature greying of hair. Fenugreek is a hair superfood and rich source of iron that has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties to name a few. The serum is topped off with lavender essential oil to provide a refreshing scent and to combat common hair problems such as dry and itchy scalp.

Beard Balm

The combination of Shea butter and light oils keeps your beard nourished and styled on the go! Our amazing scent is such a head turner that will have all eyes on you!

Beard Serum

Guys deserve self care too! Use our Beard Serum with a hot towel to open your pores and allow light oils and butters to penetrate your hair cuticles. Use as needed.

"I usually have alot of hair all over the bathroom when I blow dry my hair. After using the hair mask, nada! It stopped so much shedding. Thank you!"

Kerry Coddett

Why am I just learning about this magical hair mixture!? Let me tell you how soft and silky my hair is! It's so light and silky!"

Alana W.

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