Brooklyn Kinks tells a story about a Brooklyn born and raised girl with kinky hair who is on her journey to self actualization. We all are on a journey and hopefully we learn the many facets of ourselves along the way. Our hair says so much about us, and my goal is to help you tell your story, one kinky strand at a time!

Brooklyn Kinks was dreamed about in 2018 and came to fruition in 2021. I began making protein packed hair masks at home and became discouraged as I saw others starting similar businesses and didn't think there was room at the table for me or my brand. 

In August 2020, we suffered the devastating loss of our son Avery and I lost so much hair due to postpartum, and postpartum depression. Navigating this time was the biggest challenge I've had to face thus far in life and I fought each day to focus on self care. I began making hair masks again to restore the hair and edges I lost as well as ways to enhance the products. I later found out that there are thousands of moms and dads who have experienced stillbirths and infant loss and wanted to create products that help us feel our best by focusing on our hair. After all, our hair is a part of who we are.